Back To The Slamlot – 8/10/2024

Aug 10th, RSW is back at GameCraft Brewing for Return to the SlamLot.  Where we will bring you 5 action pack matches such as Araxiel vs Dynamite Pegasus, Rematch from last time as Bad News Bagu takes on The Pride Fighter American Oni. In Tag team action Shady Boys( Ty and Red Williams[No Relation]) battle Giggalow Inc (Biggie Biggz and Chris Disney). As Two Locals battle it out as Shawn Silver vs  The Party Captain Guy Cool and a Triple Threat Main event as The Irish Juggernaut Mikey O’Shea takes on The Heartless King J2 Mattioli and Shiloh Greaves. 

Santee Slamboree: Year 1! – 8/4/2024

Join us August 4th as we celebrate 1 year of running shows at B.N.S brewing and distillery in Santee, California, as Rising Star Wrestling brings you Santee Slamboree Year One. On this night we will see some of the amazing talent coming out of the primal wrestling academy making their debut as Jake Maze takes on Darren Troy Fable and Yasin Khan takes on The Illustrious KC Douglas. These matches and A fatal 4 way pitting Javi Baja VS Johnny Vulcan VS Big Shady Ty Williams vs Shinobi. Also Two tag team bouts as The Block(JF 3000 and Xander Phillips) take on The Pumpline(Cj Tino and Boa Silva) and The Irish Juggernaut Mikey O’Shea and  The Maverick Chris Disney take on Tommy Wilson and Tariq Tarvos. And round off our show we have the final two quarter final matches for the All Star Showcase as Antonio Rivers takes on The Party Captain Guy Cool and The M.A.W. Michael Hopkins battles The Dynamite Pegasus

Summer Slugfest – 7/7/2024

RSW is coming back to BNS to bring you Summer SlugFest, a night of Quarter Final Matches and hard hitting action. We will see two of our quarter final matches as The Headbanging Horror Show Araxiel takes on The Reminder Drake Young and Pumpline members CJ Tino and Boa Silva duke it out to see who will advance to the Semi Finals. Speaking of the Pumpline, Antonio Rivers is in singles action against Xander Phillips of The Block and The Maverick Chris Disney is going back to school as he battles The Principal Truman Steele. Also, The Shady Boys are in action as they take on the team of Shinobi and Dynamite Pegasus, otherwise known as Cosmic Strike. All this and a Six Man Scramble that will see Johnny Vulcan, Michael Hopkins, KC Douglas, Bad News Bagu, Jeremiah Fresh and Tariq Tarvos battle it out to see who is the brightest Rising Star in RSW! 

The SLAMLOT – 6/29/2024

Join us June 29th in Anaheim, CA as Rising Star Wrestling turns GameCraft Brewing into The SLAMLOT. See some of SoCal’s main stays battle it out amongst each other and some of the next generations. Watch as American ONI fights The Maverick Chris Disney, The Juggernauts vs Gustavo Perez and Javi Baja. Also some east meets west action as Moizilla takes on Shinobi while the other half of Cosmic Strike, Dynamite Pegasus battles Jakob Axton. Leaving us with our main event as  The Party Captain Guy Cool, The PlayMaker J2 Mattioli, Shiloh Greaves and Rebel Storm compete to see who will be the victor in a Fatal Four Way!

Neo Genesis – 6/2/2024

Join us Sunday June 2nd as Rising Star Wrestling brings you Neo Genesis at the BNS Brewing and Distillery. On a night of new beginnings we will see the final preliminary match for the All-Star Show Case Tournament as Bad News Bagu takes on the M.A.W. Michael Hopkins. Hopkins isnt the only new face around as Tariq Tarvos makes his debut against another debuting star in Reptilio. Also CJ Tino will battle another member of the Shady Boys in Ty Williams after the assault him and Remi Morgan did to fellow pumpline member Antonio Rivers. Speaking of the Pumpline, Antonio Rivers and Boa Silva will take on the Heartless kings( Jeremiah Fresh and Flama). But that isnt all for tag team action as Rebel Storm teams with Astarix to battle the team of Javi Baja and Gustavo Perez. But there is one last match as The Fortunate Son of San Diego Chris Disney takes on King Trivviko and Bovi in triple threat action.

Cinco De Mayo! – 5/5/2024

Happy Cinco de Mayo from RSW and BNS as we bring you our Cinco De Mayo event, a blend of Lucha Libre and American Wrestling. Kicking off thing will be one of the last 1st round matches of the tournament as Dynamite Pegasus takes on Ty Williams to see who will advance towards the gold. Also, in singles, action will be The Fortunate Son of San Diego Chris Disney vs. Your Favorite Tio Mexi Macho Tortuga in a Lucha meets American style match up. Rounding out our singles matches, we have a battle of Flamboyant personalities, as Jheri Giggalow battles Princess DeathWish. In triple threat action, we have the San Diego Legend himself SoCal Crazy taking on The Party Captain Guy Cool and The Hispanic causing Panic Don Caliente. But what wrestling show on Cinco de Mayo would be complete without a tag and trios match. In tag action we have The Lucha Daddies (Ryan Kidd and Motros Jungle) taking on Nuclear Hell (Araxiel and Veinom Guerrero) and our trios match will showcase the Heartless Kings(J2, Jeremiah Fresh and Flamaa) taking on the Team of Rebel Storm, The Mighty Tortuga and JD Vulcan, both matches will be under traditional 2 out of 3 falls Lucha rules

Santee Slamboree 3 – 4/14/2024

RSW would like to welcome you to the 3rd installment of Santee Slamboree: The Spring Stampede. One this night, we will be show casing four 1st round matches of the All-Star Showcase. These matches will be CJ Tino vs Morgan MacLea, Remi Morgan vs. Antonio Rivers, and Guy Cool vs. Shinobi. Who will advance and be one step closer to becoming the RSW All-Star Champion. Also, in action, Bad News Bagu vs. Ty Williams vs. Dynamite Pegasus and our main event, The Heartless Kings, will be in a survivor match against The Juggernauts(Mikey O’Shea, Sean Black and Chris Disney) and Motros Jungle.

March Madness – 3/3/2024

March Madness is the kick off to a year long tournament, in which you will get to see some of the best wrestlers that SoCal and AZ have to offer. Our first two tournament match will be The Headbanging Horror Show Araxiel taking on Joseph BlackCloud of the Maverick Militia and The Reminder Drake Young battling it out with The Wonder Kid Will Andy. Also in action The Shadys take on the team of Rebel Storm and Rev Bishop Thunder otherwise known as Holy Storm. To round out the show we have not one but two triple threat matches as Motros Jungle battles CJ Tino and El Fatal, and The Enforcer of the Maverick Militia Bad New Bagu will be taking on Victor Ursus and Scott Sabbath. 

Love and War! – 2/4/2024

RSW comes back to BNS in Santee with LOVE and WAR, as we bring you 5 amazing matches starting with the Nubian Mystic taking the Fortunate Son of San Diego, as King Trivviko goes one on one with The Maverick Chris Disney. Also, The Thunder Wonder facing off against The Big Cat, as Rebel Storm fights Motros Jungle. You will also see The Haitian of Domination JF 3000 do battle with The Enforcer of the Maverick Militia Bad News Bagu and The Urban Juggernaut Sean Black vs. The “Panty Dropper” C-Love. All this and a tag team match pitting Los Otros vs. The School of Steele*

Card subjected to Change

Happy Bruise Year! – 1/7/2024

Happy New Years from Rising Star Wrestling and BNS Brewing as we start the new year with Happy Bruise Year. On our 1st night back after the holiday break you will see the ORC Champion Motros Jungle take on Some Terrible Dude(STD) Ty Williams, The Debut of CJ Tino as he takes on the Shady King Remi Morgan, Also Debuting is Sweet Robin Shaw against The Reminder Drake Young. Los Otros are set to put their ORC Tag Titles on the Line against The Maverick Militia and Triple Threat Match putting The Last Straight Shooter Scott Sabbath vs The Charlie Day of Pro Wrestling Aiden Way vs The Fortunate Son of San Diego Chris Disney*

* Card Subject To Change*

North Park Pub Brawl – 11/18/2023

Nov 18th, RSW invades U-31 for North Park Brawl. On this night we will see 5 awesome matches starting with the Returning RainFro battling the debuting Commando Tres, Shady Boy member Ty Williams takes on Dynamite Pegasus, a Three way dance putting The Party Captain Guy Cool against The Reminder Drake Young and The Ass Kickin Machine Mathias. Plus The Maverick Militia vs Nuclear Hell and a No Dq Match where The Shady King Remi Morgan will have to finally answer to The Fortunate Son of San Diego, The Maverick Chris Disney

Lucha En El Barrio – 11/17/2023

Come enjoy a dose of Americanized Lucha Libre action as RSW bring you Lucha en El Barrio. As we have some of San Diego mainstays take on the next wave of San Diego wrestlers. See The Mega Star Tommy Wilson take on The Sexxy Mexy Don Caliente, El Cilantro returns to the Shop to battle Dynamite Pugasus and a Triple Threat showcasing The Ass Kickin’ Machine Mathias vs SDC vs Shinobi-The Black ninja. Also, not one, but two traditional Lucha tag matches as The Maverick Militia take on Eddie Islas and Andy Hollow and Nuclear Hell battles the team of The SoCal Legend SoCal Crazy and The King of The Jungle Motros Jungle!

Hangman’s Gambit – 10/22/2023

Come this Halloween to Rising Star Wrestling brings you Hangman’s Gambit, an afternoon of hard hitting excitement as we host the newly crowned ORC Wrestling Champion, Motros Jungle, as he takes on JF 3000! King Trivviko looks to cast his spells on Az’s Last Straight Shooter Scott Sabbath. Another first for RSW will be a womens match as The Void’s Auntie Hydie takes on Savanna Stone. Also, some tag team action as the Shady Boys look to reestablish themselves as the tag team in RSW as they take on on The Maverick Militia ( Joseph Blackcloud and Bad News Bagu). Lastly at the chopping block will be James Brady vs Chris Disney and Mathias vs Drake Young. Come see Hangman’s Gambit October 22nd, 2023 at BNS Brewing and Distilling in Santee, CA!

Santee Slamboree 2 – 9/24/2023

Rising Star Wrestling presents the follow up to its debut show “Santee Slamboree” with “Santee Slamboree 2: Santee’s Most Wanted!” Come see returning wrestlers such as Mathias, Blake Daniels, and Guy Cool tackle fresh competitors in M4, Mixtape Majors, and AJ Mana! Date set for September 24th, 2023 at BNS Brewing and Distilling in Santee, CA!

Santee Slamboree – 8/27/2023

Rising Star Wrestling presents its debut show “Santee Slamboree” on Sunday, August 27, 2023 at BNS Brewing and Distilling in Santee, CA!